November/December 1999 Issue


Creatures of the Microcosm By Thom Redford
Armed with a camera, macro lens and tripod, a nature photographer hunts the slough and discovers an exquisite world that most of us overlook.

An Islander’s Guide to Y2K By Libby McMillan
Flying incognito among our native populations of mosquitoes and no-see-ums is the notorious Y2K bug, awaiting its millennium moment. We on the islands are in a particularly enviable position to combat this pesky intruder in tropical style

Randy Wayne White By Barbara Linstrom
The islands of Southwest Florida are the setting for author Randy Wayne White’s popular novels, as well as his own life. Doc Ford’s adventures are dreamed up atop a shell mound on Pine Island, where White lives, works, and enjoys the view.

Festive Florida Favorites By Jan Campbell

Mystery Train By Libby Grimm

Old San Juan By Della Smith

A diary of everyday life in paradise

Island Home for the Holidays

Puzzles and Videos and Books, Oh My!