July/August 2000 Issue


Disney’s Good Nature / By Thomas Whittingslow
At the headwaters of the Everglades near Kissimmee is Disney Wilderness Preserve, but this isn’t a theme park. A cooperative effort by the Walt Disney World Companies and The Nature Conservancy, it’s a project that has been setting standards in environmental restoration.

Live-aboard Lifestyle / By Barbara Linstrom
Some people only dream of cutting their worldly bonds, taking to the seas and living off the abundance of the waters. The Filina family has found a way to make the live-aboard lifestyle work for them although, as our writer discovers, it’s a way of life that isn’t for everybody.

A Taste of Florida / By Jill Tyrer
You might have dined in Florida’s best restaurants or spooned into a fresh grapefruit. But until you’ve savored some seagrape jelly, chewed on some fresh swamp cabbage or popped a ripe cocoplum into your mouth, you haven’t experienced the real taste of Florida.

Frog Prints / By Ken Richards
Florida’s frogs range from petite peepers to brassy bullfrogs, and all have historically thrived on patience as a key to survival. The larger, more aggressive Cuban tree frog, however, has invaded the amphibian kingdom and is gradually usurping the throne from the reigning prince.

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Making Waves
Celebrating islanders

Across the Causeway
Turtle Time
By Jill Tyrer

Cheeseburgers in Paradise
By Chelle Koster Walton

Crashing the Gates of Convention
By Jill Tyrer

Island Nightlife
By Barbara Linstrom

Ostego Bay
By Libby Grimm

Creative Clocks
By Libby Grimm

Island Hair Care
By Libby Grimm

Where to go and what to do in Southwest Florida

Island Journal
A diary of everyday life in paradise