May/June 2000 Issue


Fresh Flowers By Susan Holly and Thom Redford
One of the visual delights of Southwest Florida is its multitude of colorful flora. We tend to see these colors en masse, while photographer Thom Redford looks at each tiny flower, sometimes each petal, for its individual value.

Island Inventors By Libby Boren McMillan
Though you may think of the islands as places of leisure, there are no idle minds here. Several innovative islanders have put a passion for sports and recreation to work and come up with marketable ideas.

Enchanting Estero Bay By Jill Tyrer
Though pretty much surrounded by high-rises and dense-pack development, Estero Bay maintains its integrity as an aquatic preserve, offering views of abundant wildlife and glimpses back into its 2,000-year history.

Sensational Summer Salads
By Jan Campbell

Subtropical Wineries
By Libby Grimm

Raw Nature, Rawhide
By Chelle Koster Walton


A diary of everyday life in paradise

Light Up Your Island Home
By Libby Grimm